Shop the best selection of Halloween Decorations and Costumes in SA. Decorate your home, store, office or event venue with a huge range of decor including Day of the Dead skulls and decor items, Halloween inflatables, Halloween costumes and accessories, witches, bats, ghosts, light-up decor, mummies, skeletons and wall art.

Costumes are available in a variety of sizes for infants, toddlers, kids and adults. Wigs, hats, masks, headbands and bags can also be purchased as separate items.

Throwing a Halloween party? Why not decorate your table with our Halloween tablecloths and candy bowls. Spread out some spider webs and scatter some mini skulls for an even spookier finish! We also have a range of animated Halloween decorations such as mummies that light up, evil clowns that dance and sing, wearable flapping wings, shaking ghosts that light up, crawling zombies and creepy talking trees. Add to the ambience of your Halloween event by decorating the walls and windows with spider, pumpkin, zombie, ghost, crow or even glow in the dark foot and hand print vinyls.

If you want to transform a room into an authentic-looking, spooky haunted house, there are various animated household decor items including shaking crates with chains, haunted radios, haunted TV’s, electric switches, haunted books, candles, plastic razor wire fence, black roses with skulls and vases with silk roses covered in spider webs.

The above is just a brief description of our HUGE range or Halloween decorations and costumes – browse through our website to view the full range or visit our showroom to see the items in person.